Chatham Champagne Sapphire Earrings-CE4286RCS

# CE4286RCS

Chatham Champagne Sapphire Earrings-CE4286RCS

# CE4286RCS

Champagne Sapphire's soft pastel blush tone is very flattering against the skin. This light peachy pink variety of beryl is a gem cousin to aquamarine and emerald. Mined champagne sapphire is often washed out and pale but Chatham makes the beauty of this gem much more available with lab-grown champagne sapphires that have the sought-after color of the best mined gems.


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Name Champagne Sapphire Earrings-CE4286RCS
Stock Number CE4286RCS
Department Fashion
Type Earrings

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After creating emeralds in 1938, laboratory grown rubies, alexandrites, and a variety of sapphires all came to fruition over many decades of research in the hands of Carroll Chatham. 

By duplicating the conditions deep within the Earth – the temperature, the pressure, and the chemical makeup, his laboratory succeeded in growing gemstones over a course of a year’s time. These gemstones possess the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as their mined counterparts. 

Today, Chatham is still recognized as the leader of laboratory-grown gemstone and diamond jewelry revered for its superior quality and everyday elegance. The company's unbeatable Lifetime Warranty and Certificate of Authenticity assure reliability and long-term value.